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  • Why study an LLM in… intellectual property law?

    Are you considering analyzing an LLM (Master’s in Law)? Here are 3 terrific reasons to examine an LLM pathway in highbrow belongings law: You’ll interrogate who owns (and has get entry to to) software program, laptop, song, drugs, facts, structures, AI systems, fashion You’ll understand how highbrow assets (copyright, patents, brands, designs) drives and shapes […]

  • Master of Laws (LLM Law)

    The Brunel Master of Laws (LLM Law) is a versatile programme that permits graduates to focus on a specific area of English or international regulation, or to obtain skillability across more than a few criminal disciplines. Our wide choice of elective modules, consisting of in-demand subjects inclusive of trade law, intellectual belongings, and human rights, […]

  • In Celebration of Love, Marriage and Family: National Marriage Week

    With Saint Valentine’s Day drawing close, America’s airwaves and storefronts are full of messages of romance and courtship. But our country observes every other commemoration on the equal time, targeted on a uniquely effective and enduring embodiment of affection. Every February seventh through 14th National Marriage Week celebrates the dedication of ladies and men who […]


    How to run a a hit quiz contest 1. Ask amusing, interesting questions When it comes down to it, the questions will make or wreck a quiz. Therefore, it is extremely critical to spend a good amount of time getting to know questions which you realize your fan base might be interested by answering and […]

  • Why You Should Get Married in Hong Kong

    Most folks dreamed of the day that we are walking within the aisle, dressed in white or a suit and seeing from afar the man or woman we need to marry. That day could be magical and romantic. Who wouldn’t want that in the future that could happen? When a person already located the one, […]